The Ansible Institute

Summoning critical worldbuilders:

The Ansible Institute welcomes applications for its second three-week residency hosted by Café Tissardmine in the Moroccan Sahara, Dec. 1-21st, 2022. We have nine spots available for our mobile research laboratory, exploring speculative fiction as a strategy to produce templates for alternate futures. This residency will explore: artists role in shaping the metaverse, space colonization, queer/feminist/bipoc futurities, alternative ecologies, space theologies, and the role of art and artistic research in broadly shaping paradigms of the post/future.

The Ansible Institute

The Ansible Institute 1.0 (moonlit walk across the desert). Left to Right: Javi Acevedo, Marcin Gawin, Leomar Imperator, Marie-Andree Pelllerin, Cordula Daus, Martina Raponi, Alexander Cromer, [M] Dudeck.

We are seeking proposals from practitioners across all media and disciplines with interest in the strategic use of speculative fiction.

The Ansible Institute is a transitory speculative fiction research laboratory, facilitated by artists/writers Martina Raponi and [M] Dudeck. We construct environments that activate the imaginative possibilities of worldmaking across media, while probing, mapping, and deconstructing its modes and mechanisms through media analysis, collective reflectivity, seminars, critical dialogues, workshops, and the sharing of eachother’s individual work in a supportive and critical environment. The residency also leaves considerable time for individual focus upon one’s own creative work in any media.


Please submit an application in any medium (no larger than 20MB) that addresses each of the following provocations, and email to by Aug. 31, 2022.


Situate yourself, describe your practice.


Submit an actual or speculative proposal that identifies a point of departure for your exploration over the course of three weeks in the desert.
Note: All media are welcome, however, there is limited electricity and internet connection, so be mindful of this when imagining your proposal.

Why Speculative Fiction?

Please explain to us why speculative fiction and its accompanying strategies are relevant to your project or ongoing work.


This residency takes place in a remote location in the Moroccan Sahara, in the traditional territory of the Amazigh (Berber), in an outpost built and maintained by Karen Hadfield, who has lived among the Amazigh of the region for the past nine years. This location requires sensitivity to cultural norms that may be different to your own, and due to the sometimes harsh and challenging climate of the desert, a level of radical self-reliance, civic responsibility and communal effort is required. Please demonstrate your willingness and capacity to enter into this geo-political and cultural location.


The moment we enter the compound we enter a shared space where everyone is responsible for themselves, and also to the collective space we create together. How do you define Respect ? How do you define the responsibilities implicit in shared collective space ? 


The Residency fee for the entire 3-week experience in the desert is €1000, and this includes all meals, accommodation and administration. Included in your package is a group trip via 4 x 4 to the nearby Erg Chebbi dune which we travel to visit together one evening to watch the sunset. You are responsible for your own travel to and from Marrakech, and will need to arrive a minimum of one day early (Nov. 31st) and depart one day after our return to Marrakech (Dec. 22nd.) You will also have to contribute to the costs of transport to/from Marrakech (between €30 - €50 each way) and minimum two nights hotel in Marrakech (minimum €20/night), as well as any extras you might be interested in (during the residency you will have options to participate in a variety of activities, including spending a few days with nomadic berbers nearby, camel rides, and other excursions. These are typically inexpensive and available to you to participate in individually or in groups.) Thus, we expect the overall costs of the entire experience to be around €1200, and we will provide official letters of invitation to successful applicants in the first week of September in order to help with gathering funding.

About the Residency:

We are interested in excavating the fabric of alternative realities, in dialogue with inherited realities, that blur the line between fact and fiction. The Residency will combine interdisciplinary intermedia dialogue sessions facilitated by Ansible with adequate time and space in the desert to devote to everyone’s individual praxis. Optional screenings will take place regularly, and participant-led workshops or seminars are very welcome. As successfully tested during our inaugural residency of the Ansible Institute we wish not to pre-scribe or pre- shape its direction but rather allow it to mutate in accordance with what everyone brings and builds together. Our role as residency facilitators is to provide conceptual scaffolding to house the collective and individual journey, while at the same time structuring it with a conceptual apparatus that provides creative nourishment for speculative fiction imaginaries.

There will be no mandatory readings or viewings but a program of our workshops will be distributed at least one month prior to the residency so those who wish to familiarize themselves with the material we are referencing have ample time to do so. We will have a projector and so if you bring relevant films/media they can become a part of our optional screenings as well.

A typical day at Cafe Tissadermine is as follows: until 11 the residents can get breakfast. Early risers can use their time in the morning as they wish. From 11 to lunch time at 13:00/13:30 there is time for working on independent projects. Group Lunch, then group activity/seminar/workshop. Tea time is at 16:00 (optional). Between tea and dinner, rest and private work time in the afternoon. Group Dinner 19:00. After dinner: screenings, music/art/nerd jams, or private rest time.

There are places for nine participants in the residency.

About the Location:

We depart early in the morning on Dec. 1st and travel by bus (or rented van) through the Atlas mountains, arriving in the evening to the village of Erfoud, where we will be met by Café Tissardmine team members and transported via 4X4 to the site of the residency.

There are no roads to/from the residency site – veteran Berber nomads drive across sand routes to lead us to this remote and ancient Berber meeting site. We will live together at the compound of Café Tissardmine, which is fully equipped with showers (not always hot water), and the residency fee of €1000 includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, a group trip to Erg Chebi Dune, and a group trip to the nearby village of Rissani. You will be responsible for transporting yourself to Marrakesh and taking a bus through the Atlas Mountains to meet up with the residency. The Compound can host up to nine participants, five solid-built mud-brick rooms, all of which have en-suite bathrooms and showers. Selected participants will receive a google form with further details and preferences in order for us to facilitate a safe shared environment. Please demonstrate to us your capacity to engage with the cultural, ecological and artistic environment you will be participating within.

For more information on Ansible Institute, Martina Raponi and [M]Dudeck please click here.

For more information on Café Tissardmine, please click here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Note : Applications are due Aug. 31, 2022, results will be announced via email in the first week of September. We will work to support participants to gather funding, providing letters of invitation and other resources to help make the trip possible.