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Martina Raponi

Martina Raponi is an Italian writer, artist, and curator based in Amsterdam. She authored a book on noise “Strategie del Rumore. Interferenze tra Arte Filosofia e Underground” (2015, Auditorium Ed., Milano). Martina researches noise, systems, and complexity. One of her current focuses is the analysis of deafhood (from the standpoint of a CODA - child of deaf adults) through the notion of voice and using the tools of speculative fiction. Another part of her research is about algorithmic listening, streaming music technologies, and the notion of the self they generate. She is co-founder of Noiserr, reading and research group on noise, which has been held at Butcher’s Tears in Amsterdam on a regular basis since April 2017, and at WORM in Rotterdam from January until May 2019 in collaboration with Regenerative Feedback festival. She is board member of RC51 on Sociocybernetics at the ISA. Martina is also co-founder, together with Michael Dudeck, of the Ansible Institute. Martina performed and exhibited at Live Arts Week (Bologna, Italy), aqb (Budapest, Hungary), De School (Amsterdam, Netherlands), WORM (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Palazzo del Collegio Raffaello (Urbino, Italy), Hamburg Maschine/Westwerk (Hamburg, Germany).

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[M] Dudeck

[M]Dudeck is an artist, witchdoctor and cultural engineer. Their work centers around the invention and dissemination of a fictional queer religion and space opera called RELIGIONVIRUS. Episodes and chapters of this ongoing performative fabulation have been performed, exhibited and screened in over twenty five countries worldwide. Tactics of dissemination have included : ritual performance, museological installation, the performance of sacred electronica augmented with vocal modulation, fictional documentaries, the composition of a fictional bible, digital cathedrals and most recently the launch of a digital virtual temple, TEMPLE OF ARTIFICE comissioned by Hamburg Maschine. Dudeck's artistic research examines the intersection of religion, contemporary art and speculative fiction in popular culture, examining in particular the role of invented religions emerging out of mainstream speculative fiction franchises, and the type of belief practises they elicit in ionformation age millenial discourses. Their research has been published in several journals and at various conferences, and they are currently completing their practise-led doctoral thesis 'Make Belief' at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. Dudeck is the co/founder (with Martina Raponi) of the Ansible Institute, the Arch-Mage of the Boudiccan College for Crytical Witchcraft and the Chief Curator of the invented Museum of Artificial Histories. They live and work between Rome, Italy and Glasgow, Scotland.

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